Commonwealth Aerospace LLCCAGE Code: 8FAC5, DUNS# 117070762

Project experience of our executive leadership includes over (25) years within the Department of Defense, federal civil service, commercial engineering, aviation, and aerospace sectors.

Projects Included:

A. AEDC Civil and Aerospace Projects (Arnold Engineering Development Center, Arnold AFB, TN):

  •   Boeing 777 Engine Duration Tests and Engine Test Cell Cooling Water System Upgrades.

  •   Advanced Tactical Fighter (F-22) Development, Transonic Munitions Drop Wind Tunnel Tests

B. Engineering and Related Policy Analysis Projects:

  • X Prize – Reusable Launch Vehicle System Safety Process Development

  • System Safety Analysis for Commercial Launch Sites and Reusable Launch Vehicles

  • Commercial Launch Site Propellant Storage and Transport Safety Analysis

  • Human Rating of Commercial Reusable Launch Vehicle Safety Guidelines

  • Commercial Launch Site Safety Operations and Maintenance Guidelines

  • Systems Engineering Professional Development & Training


C. Bell BCI Mechanical Project:

  • Philip Morris Center for Research and Technology, Richmond Virginia: Mechanical Prime- $73M


D. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) National Airspace System (NAS) Integration Support Contract (NISC)

  • National Engine Generator Backup Power Replacement- $200 M (Program Management and Technical Support)


AEDC B-777 Duration Tests

Commercial Space Operations & Maintenance

FAA National Airspace Infrastructure

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541611– Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

611430– Professional and Management Development Training

541715– Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences

541690- Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services


91875- Management Consulting
91838- Education and Training Consulting
92503- Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering
92555- Inspecting, General/Engineering
92508- Airports (Lighting, Fueling, Navaids) –

91817- Aviation Consulting
20815- Aviation Software

(Flight Control, Ground Support, Testing, etc)
92544- General Construction: Management,

Scheduling, Cost Estimating- Engineering 
90528- Aviation Analytical Studies Including Surveys
92416- Course Development Services, Instructional/

92435- In-Service Training (For Employees)
92440- Instructor-led, Classroom Training

92441- Instructor-led, Classroom Training

92486- Vocational Training, All Types

(Including Vocational Rehabilitation and Technical Education)
90500- Aircraft and Airport Operations Services

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AC11- R&D- Defense System: Aircraft (Basic Research)

AC21- R&D-Defense System: Missiles/Space Systems (Basic Research)

H318- Inspection – Space Vehicles

H316- Inspection- Aircraft Components and Accessories

L018- Technical Representative- Space Vehicles

L016- Technical Representative- Aircraft Components and Accessories

H118- Quality Control- Space Vehicles

H116- Quality Control- Aircraft Components and Accessories

H169- Quality Control- Training Aids and Devices

H914- Other Quality Control, Testing, And Inspection- Guided Missiles

H214- Equipment and Materials Testing- Guided Missiles

H117- Quality Control- Aircraft Launching, Landing, and Ground Handling Equipment

H218- Equipment and Materials Testing- Space Vehicles

I735- Space Vehicle Handling and Servicing Equipment

J018- Maintenance, Repair, And Rebuilding of Equipment- Space Vehicles

J069- Maintenance, Repair, And Rebuilding of Equipment- Training Aids and Devices

K069- Modification of Equipment-Training Aids and Devices

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8742 – Management Consulting Services

8299 – Schools and Educational Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

8331 – Job Training and Vocational Rehabilitation Services

8748 - Business Consulting Services

8731 – Research and Development on Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles

Commonwealth Aerospace LLC

CAGE Code: 8FAC5, DUNS# 117070762


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